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Ningbo Xiesheng Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd.

LED flashlights, LED diving lights, LED headlamps, portable LED floodlights, LED inspection lights

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  • Phone: +86-574-65171868
  • Fax: +86-574-65186268
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    Shaojia Village, Xidian Town, Ninghai Country, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Xiesheng Lighting is an established manufacturer of dry cell battery LED flashlights and rechargeable LED flashlights that include tactical LED flashlights, adjustable focus (zoomable) LED flashlights, DVR flashlights (flashlight digital video recorders), high output LED flashlights, LED diving lights, solar LED flash lights, and keychain flashlights. The company's other portable lighting solutions include bicycle headlights, LED searchlights, LED headlamps, LED work lights (portable LED floodlights and LED inspection lights). Ray-Bow is the company's brand with solid recognition in China and among the international distribution channels including mass merchants, major distributors, direct marketers and e-commerce retailers.

As a highly specialized manufacturer, Xiesheng Lighting has been designing and developing flashlights since 1998. Through dedication to innovative technology and relentless pursuit of craftsmanship unequaled in the lighting industry, Xiesheng has earned a remarkable reputation for delivering superior value to its customers on a consistent basis. Xiesheng's proprietary products are durable and feature-rich, the technology and craftsmanship behind these products have been proven through years of successful performance in demanding environments.

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum with hardened anodized finish for an impact resistant and weatherproof construction, combining precision engineered optics and high quality LEDs, Xiesheng's LED flashlights are packed with features to cover a plethora of household, workplace and recreational needs, ranging from emergency assistance, tactical application, police activities and security night patrols to outdoor sports like camping, boating, diving, climbing, fishing, and cycling.

Xiesheng Lighting has been at the forefront of integrated manufacturing to bring to market a steady flow of economical but innovatively designed, thoughtfully engineered and meticulously manufactured products that energize the portable lighting industry. Its complete and vibrantly growing manufacturing infrastructure ensures all of its products are of irreproachable quality and maximizes the company's ability to advantageously manage any project end-to-end, from concept to completion.
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